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Dean Geneva Henry

Dean of Libraries and Academic Innovation, Geneva Henry. Photo: William Atkins/the George Washington University

"Your library is so vibrant!” I appreciate it when visitors to campus share this sentiment, something I’m hearing with increasing frequency, because it shows that we’re truly a hub for the university community. We’re far more than just a building, though. At GW Libraries and Academic Innovation (GWLAI), we’re the heart of students’ academic experience.

By integrating teaching, learning, and research services, GWLAI provides vital support at every point in the academic life cycle. It starts with our traditional focus—research. More than books and databases, GWLAI provides the tools and expertise to discover new knowledge by using specialized software and targeted research consultations. When faculty bring that knowledge to class, we partner with them to design significant learning experiences for students through teaching and course design support. In the classroom, whether online or on campus, GWLAI ensures a modern learning environment with the right technology to engage students. When students are struggling, they know that they can turn to GWLAI services to find help, along with a supportive place to acquire new skills in our extensive workshop program. Finally, as students translate their coursework into practical experience, we encourage deeper exploration by connecting them to undergraduate research opportunities


GW LAI initiatives

“By integrating teaching, learning, and research services, GWLAI provides vital support at every point in the academic lifecycle.”

In this issue, we highlight some of our most important projects to support this full circle of the academic experience at GW. Academic Commons, a one-stop shop for academic resources and services across the university, is the newest addition to our academic support services. Academic Commons connects students to the resources and services they need to succeed through a website and in-person concierge assistance.

An exciting development in our support for cutting-edge research is the partnership between GWLAI, The New York Times, and GW’s Program on Extremism to make the Islamic State (ISIS) Files available to researchers worldwide. These documents, collected directly after the fall of the “caliphate,” reveal the day-to-day bureaucracy and revenue stream behind one of history’s most deadly and well-organized terrorist groups. Working with translators and analysts, we will make these documents available not just to scholars, but to all Iraqi citizens, especially to those people whose history they document.

At GWLAI, we provide students with the tools they need for academic success, both inside and outside of the classroom. The philanthropic investment of our generous donors makes this work possible. Your philanthropy is our bedrock, and your support helps GW students reach their academic goals. For that, I offer my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the entire GW community.


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Geneva Henry

Dean of Libraries and Academic Innovation