Web Content Editing Guidelines

The following websites are managed by the LAI web team, comprised of a web designer and web developer and overseen by the associate dean of student success and communications. You can reach this team at [email protected].


  • We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera to edit content. Internet Explorer (below version 10) is not compliant with web standards.
  • Log in to any website by adding /user at the end of the URL. For example, log in to the library website at library.gwu.edu/user or log in to Academic Commons at academiccommons.gwu.edu/user.
  • You can change your password by clicking the Edit tab on your user page. You can also edit your title, office location, contact information, photo, etc.
  • Alternate text on images is required for accessibility. It also also helps search engines discover and index our content.
  • Use the Paste as plain text function to ensure errant formatting is striped out.
  • If you are linking to a page not on the same website, go to the Target tab and choose New Window (_blank) from the dropdown as the Target. This will help people return to our website later.
  • When linking, providing a context in the link to where the user is going when they click it. E.g., “learn how to create a page.” Do not use “here” when linking to other content, e.g., “read our page Creating and Editing a Page here.”
  • Scheduling content: you can create pages or blog posts and schedule them to be published (and even unpublished) at a future date. If you don't see this feature on your pages contact us and we can add it.
  • Revisions/History: you can revert pages back to previous versions by using the revision settings on a page. Check Create new revision under the Revision information section when editing pages.

URL and Path Names

  • URL names: use hyphens for spaces, e.g. “/some-content/some-more-content”
  • Directory/Path structure: if your new page is at library.gwu.edu/my-org/unit/new-page don't change it to library.gwu.edu/new-page unless you have a new URL strategy in place. Contact the LAI web team if you need assistance.
  • Newly created pages will have their url path automatically generated based on the page title.

Staging Server

If you need access to the library staging server, log in at test.library.gwu.edu. Communicate with the LAI web team about any changes you make on the website, as the team overwrites it with the live site on a regular basis. Note that you must be on the university network (on campus or via VPN) to access the website.