Travel and Training

Travel Policies

The Travel, Entertainment, and Business Expense Reimbursement Manual provides greater clarity so that it will be easier for travelers to understand and comply with GW’s travel policy. Visit the iBuy Travel Policies page to read the manual.

Travel Services

GW Travel Services can be used to access specially discounted hotel rates as well as all travel related purchases for both business and leisure travel. Here you will find the necessary information regarding all components of GW’s travel program available through the Travel Services office and the university’s travel partner, Travel Leaders at 855-771-9109.

GW Travel Support

GW Travel Support includes assistance in booking reservations in iBuy+ Travel both during the work day and after hours. P-card questions, and training on how to use the iBuy+ Travel Services system. You can also learn about GW's travel policies and download travel apps that sync with iBuy+.