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Data Visualization

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Student Enrollment Data

You can access GW student enrollment data from the Office of Institutional Research's enrollment dashboard. You can learn more about each aspect of this dashboard below:

  • Enrollment overview: The first chart shows total number of enrolled students by year and by grad/undergrad/non-degree. The table underneath the chart shows enrollment by school, level, and status where you can filter by year.
  • Total enrollment by level and campus: A bar chart and table show on-campus, off-campus, and VA campus enrollment numbers. You can filter by specific campus, school, and/or major. This could be helpful for making collection development decisions; for example: VA campus library needs, print vs. digital needs.
  • Enrollment by gender/race/ethnicity: You can look at two different charts and one table - student enrollment by gender, by ethnicity, and by gender and ethnicity combined. You can also filter by country and state.
  • International enrollment map: The darker blues represent higher numbers of enrolled students. You can scroll down for alphabetical list of countries as well.
  • Create enrollment table: Choose the data and filters that you want to create customized tables.

Examples of Using the Data

  • Example 1: I’m a collection developer in GRC, how can I find out how our enrollment of international students has grown? Can I find out how many and what nations they are from?
    1. Go to the tab International Enrollment Map
    2. Under Filter by Year, select 2016
    3. Optional: you can also filter by level, college, major, gender, or individual country
    4. Results will be in the table below
    5. Optional: for a specific country, you can also click on the map
  • Example 2: I want to know how many students are in the School of Business? Has that number increased or decreased from nine years ago, as a percentage of total students?
    1. Go to Create Enrollment Table
    2. Filter by Level and check Graduate and Undergraduate. Click Apply
    3. Under College check (All) to unselect all schools. Then check SB
    4. To see if the number has increased, scroll to the bottom for 2016 numbers
    5. Then filter by Year and choose the year you want to compare it to (Ex: 2007)
    6. To get the percentage of total students, filter by level and college to show total number of students
    7. Note: You can use a percentage calculator, if needed
  • Example 3: I’m interested in what GW’s off-campus and online students are majoring in. How can I find that information?
    1. Go to Total Enrollment by level and Campus
    2. Filter by Campus and select Off Campus
    3. The bar chart shows different levels and the table shows schools
    4. To filter by specific major, click the Filter by 1st Major drop down
    5. Select All to unselect all majors, then scroll and click on major(s) of choice (Ex: International Affairs)
    6. Note: You cannot filter by campus on the Create Enrollment Table page
  • Example 4: Data Science is a new major as of 2015, what are the enrollment numbers of graduate students in that program now?
    1. Go to Create Enrollment Table
    2. Filter by Level. Select All to unselect all levels and then select Graduates
    3. Filter by Click on Data Science” to highlight
    4. If you want to compare years, filter by 2015 to see previous enrollment numbers at the start of this program

Exporting Data

In order to export data, please follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to very bottom of table/page. Select Download. You will be given the option to download the table/chart in PDF.
  2. To get custom export data, please contact Amy Yang ([email protected] or 202-994-6522. Let her know how you want the table to be set up and send her a screenshot of the table you created.
  3. We do not have full access to Tableau, so you will need to rely on OIR for source data using the contact information provided above for Amy Yang.