Staff Directory

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Name Title Department Email Address ( Phone Number
Eugene Abedejos Multimedia Producer, Animation ITL eabedejos64  
Genevieve Afrifa Program Coordinator Academic Commons genevieveafrifa 202-994-1816
Wanda Almodovar Access Services Coordinator Access Services wanda_almodovar  
Tricia Arnold Instructional Designer Instructional Design / CCAS tarnold 202-994-3757
Laura Arroyo Program Coordinator Academic Commons lauraarroyo 202-994-1349
Daphna Atias  Educational Developer  UTLC datias  
Luis Aviles Senior Audiovisual Technician Foggy Bottom Operations aviles_luis 202-994-3530
Yordanos Baharu Executive Director of Academic Enterprise Applications ITL yordba 202-994-3348
Dorinne Banks Education Librarian Research and User Services dbanks 202-994-2250
Keith Bell Library Facilities Coordinator Access Services khbell 202-994-6062
Shmuel Ben-Gad Librarian Research and User Services shmuelb 202-994-0674
Debbie Bezanson Senior Librarian for Science, Engineering, and Assessment Research and User Services bezanson 202-994-6924
Ashley Blount Administrative Associate Innovative and Collaborative Pedagogy ablount 202-994-0461
Joel Blumenthal Assistant Manager of Foggy Bottom Campus Technology Operations Foggy Bottom Operations joelb 202-994-2893
Cameron Bolling AV Engineer AVDE cbolling 202-994-9504
Will Bonnett Server Administrator STG synchronous  
Peter Brasdovich Project Manager PMO pete_brasdovich 202-994-8447
Ben Bricker Manager, IT Service Delivery Foggy Bottom Operations bricker 202-994-7118
Jeremy Brinkley Tech Support Coordinator ITDE jbrinkley1 202-994-0809
Vincent Brown AV Engineer AVDE mvbrown 202-994-3827
Rachel Burley Event Planner Communications, Outreach, and Events rburley 202-994-1090
Shelly Buring

Rare Books and Research Specialist

SCRC sburing 202-994-2472
David Cain Manager of Technology Infrastructure ITDE dcain 202-994-0104
Glenn Canner Manager of Resource Sharing & Course Reserves Resource Sharing and Course Reserves gcanner 202-994-0629
Amal Cavender Middle East & North Africa Librarian Research and User Services acavender23 202-994-1695
Shirley Chang Analyst and Database Specialist RDG shirleyc 202-994-6834
Kelly Chen Andres Lead Graphic Designer ITL kellychen 202-994-5723
Steve Cherry Senior Web Developer Communication, Outreach, and Events scherry  
Calaway Childress Audio Visual Technician Foggy Bottom Operations cchildress 202-994-0660
Peter Cohn Director of Research Services Research and User Services pcohn 202-994-9241
Dennis Collins Assistant Shelving Coordinator Strategic Initiatives dcollins17  
Peter Costolanski Library Associate, GRC GRC psc 202-994-7105
Tyler Cundiff Special Assistant to the Dean GWLAI tylercundiff 202-994-1069
Kristian Dabney Instructional Development Specialist ITL kristian_dabney  
Margaret Dalton Project Archivist, Luce Grant SCRC mdalton  
Jon Damrau Access Services Supervisor Access Services jdamrau 202-994-8792
Robin Delaloye Associate Dean of Student Success and Communications Communications, Outreach, and Events rdelaloy 202-994-6780
Brent Delaney Senior Technical Support Associate Solutions Center brent11 202-994-4860
Maggie Delaney Program Associate CUFR lmdelaney 202-994-0517
Nicole DeMuro Instructional Development Specialist ITL nicole6 202-994-2756
Dawn deVillasana Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives Strategic Initiatives devill 202-994-3766
Patricia Dinneen Director, Faculty Development  UTLC pdinneen 202-994-9697
John Duffey Applications Administrator VSTC Operations duffeyjs 571-553-8235
Christine Duffy Library Specialist Access Services clduffy  
Shira Eller Art and Design Librarian Research and User Services sfl 202-994-4845
Valerie Emerson ETD Administrator/E-Resources E-Resources emerson 202-994-2041
Uzezi Enodano Senior Project Manager PMO uenodano 202-994-4859
David Ettinger Librarian Research and User Services dettingr 202-994-1355
Emanuel Fang Library Specialist Resource Sharing and Course Reserves emanuelf 202-994-6847
Qali Farah Library Specialist E-Resources qalfar 202-994-1368
Nikodimos Fikru Instructional Multimedia Producer ITL ethio 202-994-4871
Valerie Fliss Course Reserves & Resource Sharing Specialist Resource Sharing and Course Reserves vfliss 202-994-2591

Jennifer Froetschel

Metadata Services Librarian RDG


Patricia Garcia Human Resources Associate Human Resources ptobar 202-994-9671
Dominic Gasaway Senior Audiovisual Technician AVDE domg 202-994-3698
Jessica Gershuny  Instructional Designer Instructional Design jgershuny 202-994-4402
Fasil Getachew AV Technician Foggy Bottom Operations fasilg 202-994-3295
Dave Giacalone Manager, IT Service Delivery, VSTC VSTC Operations davegiacalone 202-994-7686
William Gillis Director of Research Services Research and User Services gillis 202-994-7513
Barbra Giorgini Associate Dean GW Libraries btschida 202-994-1336
Joshua Gleason Instructional Technologist, Multimedia Lab Communications, Outreach, and Events jgleason  
Tricia Greenstein Access Services Coordinator Access Services southard 202-994-6840
Christopher Gross E-Resources Specialist E-Resources chrisg 202-994-3264
Patrick Hart AV Technician Foggy Bottom Operations hartpf 202-994-3268
Adeel Hasan Director of IT Design and Engineering ITDE adeel 571-553-8286
Yan He China Documentation Center Librarian GRC hey 202-994-0624
Geneva Henry Dean of Libraries and Academic Innovation GWLAI genevahenry 202-994-9418
Ben Horn Instructional Technologist, Multimedia Lab VSTC Operations benhorn 571-553-6840
Paul Hoyt-O'Connor Director of the Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research CUFR phoytoc 202-994-0536
Ann James  Data Services Librarian Research and User Services  ajames31 202-994-2216
Jared Johnson Associate Dean for Academic Technologies and Deputy Chief Academic Technology Officer Academic Technologies jaredw 202-994-1135
Maddy Kadish Director, Instructional Design Instructional Design maddykadish 202-994-0599
Brigette Kamsler University Archivist SCRC bckamsler  
Dan Kerchner Senior Software Developer STG kerchner 202-994-7947
Michael Kern Director of AV Design and Engineering AVDE mkern 202-994-3931
Jennifer King Collections Coordinator & Manuscripts Librarian SCRC jenking 202-994-0628
Kevin Knudsen Director of Academic Commons  Academic Commons  kknudsen21 202-994-1689
Mihir Kochlar Audiovisual Technician Foggy Bottom Operations mkochnar 202-994-1305
Avery Krauss Technology Support Coordinator Solutions Center averyckrauss 202-994-5759
Jenny Lesselbaum Finance Assistant Financial Operations and Administration jel 202-994-8324
Gaetano Lotrecchiano Associate Dean of Innovative and Collaborative Pedagogy Innovative and Collaborative Pedagogy glotrecc 202-994-1594
Sterling Lott Library Specialist, Digital Services SCRC slott 202-994-3942
Alan Mark Library Associate, Metadata RDG stupor 202-994-1330
Barrett Matthews Compliance Officer, Copyright & Scholarly Communications Financial Operations and Administration bmatthew51 202-994-4240
Holley Matthews Library Specialist Access Services hmatthew 202-994-7381
Regina Mays Director of Finance Financial Operations and Administration ramays 202-994-1319
Mark Medina Library Specialist Resource Sharing and Course Reserves mjtm 202-994-6846
Billa Mideksa Technology Support Coordinator ITDE bmmw 202-994-7604
Matt Mihalik Director of Scholarly Technology STG mihalik 202-994-0489
Stephanie Mihalik  Senior Library Associate  SCRC samihalik 202-994-9292
Claire Morra  Audiovisual Technician Foggy Bottom Operations clairemorra 202-436-4567
Jocelyne Nkodo Financial Analyst Financial Operations and Administration jnkodo67 202-994-0650
Femi Ogunsanya Systems Engineer ITDE femi 202-994-0708
Daniel Oliver Assistant Director of Application Development and Support ITL droliver 202-994-0772
Tara Patterson Library Manager II VSTC Library tarap 571-553-3774
Noah Paulovic Resource Sharing Specialist, CLS Resource Sharing and Course Reserves porlavida 202-994-1306
Nia Phillips Manager of Human Resources Human Resources sadiemay 202-994-1346
Dominique Pierce Technology Support Associate ITDE pierce_d 202-994-5021
Megan Potterbusch Data Services Librarian Research and User Services mpotterbusch 202-994-0285
Michael Pounds Resource Sharing Specialist, ILL Resource Sharing and Course Reserves mpounds 202-994-7128
Tina Presson Library Specialist/Student Coordinator Access Services tpresson 202-994-1337
Sharon Presson Library Specialist Access Services spresson 202-994-9870
Fred Rebhun Access Services Coordinator Access Services frebhun  
Leah Richardson Research and Outreach Librarian SCRC leahr 202-994-3263
Felipe Rivera Audiovisual Technician VSTC Operations feliperivera 202-994-3575
Monecia Samuel USIP Librarian Research and User Services mtsamuel 202-994-5597
Mitsuyo Sato Okinawa Collection/Japan Resource Center Librarian GRC satom 202-994-6014
Caitlin Savoldelli Instructional Designer  Instructional Design cbcrain 202-994-0611
Robert Scialli Systems Administrator ITDE rscialli  
Kara Schroader Senior Communications Associate Communications, Outreach, and Events karaschroader 202-994-6253
Matthew Schweighart Senior Programmer Analyst ITL schweighart 202-994-3757
Shakeeb Shakeeb Tech Support Associate Solutions Center sshakeeb01 202-994-7953
Kelly Shand  Library Assistant Access Services kls5 202-994-6740
Leah Sims Graphic Designer and Animator ITL leah_sims 202-994-2709
Vakil Smallen International Brotherhood of Teamsters Labor History Archivist SCRC smallen 202-994-1371
Dolsy Smith Software Developer, ILS STG dsmith 202-994-7550
Keturah Solomon Access Services Supervisor Access Services ksolomon 202-994-7517
Hannah Sommers Senior Associate Dean and Deputy University Librarian GW Libraries hsommers 202-994-8643
Max Starkenburg Web Designer Communications, Outreach, and Events maxs 202-994-6973
Morgan Stoddard Director of Research Services Research and User Services mstoddard 202-994-7566
Suzette Strickland Access Services Coordinator Access Services srstrickland65  
Angela Sylvester Audiovisual Assistant VSTC Operations sylvester 571-553-8563
John Tai Senior Systems Engineer ITDE jjtai 202-994-1769
Tamara Tarasova Instructional Designer Instructional Design ttarasova 202-994-0651
John Taylor Global Resources Center Manager  GRC jmtaylor 202-994-0038
Armand Tchokokam Assistant Finance Director Financial Operations and Administration atchokokam 202-994-9482
Lauren Tidmore Instructional Designer Instructional Design lrtidmore 202-994-0607
Kim To CLS Manager Resource Sharing and Course Reserves tohuyen 202-994-1665
Chloe Toussaint Senior Library Assistant  Access Services


Shauntae Trammell Manager of Academic Technology Operations Foggy Bottom Operations shmoore 202-994-5370
Cassandra Turner Library Specialist E-Resources cassandraturner 202-994-0574
Ernest Valmonte Library Specialist II Resource Sharing and Course Reserves valmonte 202-994-1323
Kierra Verdun Senior Library Assistant, Public Services SCRC kierraverdun 202-994-8746
Elizabeth Waraksa Associate Dean GWLAI ewaraksa 202-994-5081
Jennifer Wesson Head of Access Services Access Services jwesson 202-994-2937
Joyce Whitmore Serials & Electronic Resources Manager E-Resources whitmore 202-994-0581
Keith Williams Audiovisual Technician Foggy Bottom Operations williamskeith 202-994-0662
Laura Wrubel Software Developer STG lwrubel 202-994-6536
Mark Yoffe Russia, Eurasia Eastern and Central Europe Resource Center Librarian GRC yoffe 202-994-6303
Alex Zebango Assistant Director of Application and Development Support ITL azebango 202-994-2547
Cathy Zeljak Director of Global Resources Center GRC czeljak 202-994-0124