Onboarding Checklist for Managers

Before Day One

Send your employee a personal welcome letter/email

  • Include important details for the first few days such as where to report, what time you expect them, etc.
  • If your new employee’s first day is a Monday, remind them to attend the Weekly Orientation Breakfast first.
  • Consider a phone call to tell the employee whether they should bring lunch on their first day, about the departmental dress code, and whether they will have any meetings or required trainings on their first day. Your employee will value personal interaction with you.

Set up the employee’s workspace and tools

  • Ensure that your new employee's workspace is clean and set up with furniture and supplies.
  • Request new furniture, if needed, by submitting a ticket to Library Building Operations or emailing libraryops@gwu.edu.
  • Email acadtech@gwu.edu for the following:
    • Request a computer
    • Request your new employee be added to email groups. (Please be specific when indicating which ones). Please provide the employee’s title, as the technology specialist will work with the web team to ensure the new employee is listed on the directory.
    • Request your new employee have access to shared drives and folders (indicate which ones)
    • Request a phone number and phone
    • Request a mobile phone, if required

Arrange for temporary building access and needed keys

For keys and temporary building access, e-mail Entrance Services five workdays in advance of arrival. Please include your new employee's name, start date, and keys required.

Order business cards

To order business cards, email Jenny Lesselbaum the information for the business card, which may include:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Phone number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address

Update relevant team lists, directories, and documents

  • Invite your new employee to any relevant project or team meetings.
  • Make sure your employee has access to any relevant project or team shared Google Drive files.
  • Request your new employee is added to the GW Libraries & Academic Innovation organization charts by emailing Robin Delaloye.
  • Email acadtech@gwu.edu‚Äč to request your new employee be added to the gwlibai-everyone@groups.gwu.edu (weekly newsletter) and any other project or organizational email groups, including the library or AT groups.
  • Email laiweb@gwu.edu to have your new employee added to the appropriate online staff directory. Please provide the following:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Phone extension
    • NetID

Decide how to handle timekeeping for lunch breaks

Email Finance Operations and Administration team regarding your employee's Kronos account. Let them know if the lunch break should be set for 30, 45, or 60 minutes, or if they will clock-out/in for lunch breaks.

Send an email announcing the new employee’s arrival

Send a short email to gwlibai-everyone@groups.gwu.edu announcing the name, job title, and start date of your new employee. Share the role this new teammate will play in the organization.

Prepare an agenda/schedule for the employee’s first day(s)

  • Include the Weekly Orientation Breakfast, which new employees should attend on their first Monday.
  • Have the employee read through New GWLAI Employee Onboarding webpage and review the staff information pages.
  • Include any recommended or required meetings and trainings.
  • Schedule a 30-minute meeting with Kaithlyn Kayer, manager of LAI human resources.
  • Include time for a brief introduction to Dean Geneva Henry. Contact her assistant, Courtney Vaughn, to determine a good time.
  • Make a list of stakeholders and proactively set up meetings for your new employee for their first day/week.
  • Arrange some work for the first day to help your employee feel an immediate sense of accomplishment and part of the team.

First Day(s): Welcome your new employee

Greet your employee when they arrive for their first day

If you will be unavailable, arrange for an alternate greeter.

Pick up keys and test GWorld access

Accompany your new employee to pick up applicable key(s) from Entrance Services and to make sure they have GWorld tap access to needed areas.

Ensure your new employee attends the new employee Weekly Orientation Breakfast

Make sure your employee knows where to go for the breakfast and where they should report afterwards.

Make sure the employee has completed the I-9 paperwork

Ask your employee if they have completed their I-9 paperwork. If not, make sure they do that immediately after the orientation breakfast.

New employees must complete I-9 paperwork at www.newI9.com with employer code 14290.

To complete this process, new employees must visit the Faculty Staff Service Center in person:

Faculty and Staff Service Center (FSSC)
Rice Hall Suite 101
2121 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052

The FSSC is a one-stop resource for GW employees with questions about Human Resources, Parking & Transportation, Tax, Payroll, and Benefits.

Arrange a tour of the building and campus

Provide or arrange for a complete tour of the building, including location of the bathrooms, fire doors, staff lounge, and office suites.

Consider arranging a tour of the campus, if possible. Provide a map of the campus.

Introduce team members, management, and immediate co-workers

Provide your new employee with the team/department roster, including contact information. Introduce your employee to each team member, the supervisory chain, and any project collaborators.

Orient your employee to their office and tools, including phone, Google Calendar, copier, etc.

Review usage of common tools, including:

Schedule some uninterrupted time with your new employee on their first day

Introduce the Performance Management process

Prepare and give a Goal Agreement Form to the new employee. This will include their goals for the first 90 days.  

Three Months: Performance Checkpoint

Hold weekly or biweekly progress meetings for the first month or two

Review progress toward initial goals and what to expect in the performance management process.

Ask your new employee how you can better support their growth.

Schedule your new employee’s 180-day performance review

At the end of the six-month Introductory Employment Period, you will need complete the Introductory Performance Review document and discuss your employee's performance with them. You should ask your employee to complete a self-assessment as part of the review. During this review, you are expected to formally communicate whether or not your employee has successfully completed the Introductory Employment Period.

The final review document should be submitted to hr_lai@gwu.edu.

Review the performance management process

Initiate the annual performance management process by working with your employee to set new goals. Use the Goal Agreement document and follow the guidance on the Goal Setting page.

One year

Continue holding periodic goal checkpoint meetings

Ongoing coaching, feedback, and recognition build strong working relationships and creates a culture of continuous improvement.

Providing constructive feedback as well as recognizing individual and team successes.

Formal checkpoints ensure there are no surprises at the end of the year.

Ask your new employee how you can better support their growth.

Schedule the annual performance review

Assess performance against goals and areas for development.

Establish goals for the next fiscal year

Work with your employee to set goals for the upcoming year. Use the Goal Agreement document and follow the guidance on the Goal Setting page.

Celebrate or recognize your employee’s anniversary

Send a card, write a personal note, or take them out to lunch to reflect on their first year. Use the GW Recognition Toolkit for more ideas.