New GWLAI Employee Onboarding

Welcome to the George Washington University and to GW Libraries and Academic Innovation (LAI). Below you will find introductory information and instructions on how to access the tools you need to start off in an efficient and productive manner. You may also find it helpful to peruse HR's information for new employees.

Managers, please visit the Onboarding for Managers webpage for a checklist of what to cover with your new employee, organized by date.

Safety & Security

The George Washington University is committed to maintaining a positive climate for study and work, in which individuals are judged solely on relevant factors, such as ability and performance, and can pursue their activities in an atmosphere that is free from discrimination, harassment and violence.

GW Libraries has conduct guidelines for visitors, who risk immediate expulsion or permanent ban from library buildings for committing misconduct.

The university reserves the right to bar from university property or facilities any non-university affiliated person to whom the university does not wish to allow access. Further, any person, whether affiliated with the university or not, who is determined to be violating applicable laws or university policies, procedures or practices, may be barred from university property or facilities as a consequence of his or her actions.

Additionally, LAI employees over 100 student employees. Read about your responsibilities (login required) as a permanent staff member in ensuring our students feel supported in challenging situations.


A GWid is an alphanumeric value used to identify an individual’s records within GW’s administrative systems. Your GWid is the letter "G" followed by an 8-digit number.

The use of GWids reduce the use of Social Security numbers, where possible, in administrative records and university systems.

Once a new staff member signs and returns their offer letter, s/he receives a GWid in an email from HR with the subject line: "Your GWid".

I-9 Employment Verification

New employees must complete I-9 paperwork at with employer code 14290.

To complete this process, new employees must visit the Faculty Staff Service Center in person:

Faculty and Staff Service Center (FSSC)
University Student Center, Suite 242
800 21st Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20052

The FSSC is a one-stop resource for GW employees with questions about Human Resources, Parking & Transportation, Tax, Payroll, and Benefits.

UserID/Email Address

Staff members claim their UserIDs.

This is also your GW email address. Both [email protected] and [email protected] will work as your new GW email address.

GWorld Card

The GWorld card is the official ID card at GW and is required to access Gelman Library.

Once you complete your I-9 and claim your UserID, you should obtain your GWorld card at the GWorld Card Office. You must bring a government issued ID, as well as your GWid number to receive your card. You will have your photo taken and your card will be printed for you.

Visit a GWorld office during business hours to obtain your GWorld card.

Computer Equipment, Phone/Jabber and Long Distance Codes

Your manager should request new computer equipment, desk or mobile phones, and long distance codes for new employees at least two weeks before the scheduled start date. These requests should all be made through GW IT.

Using the Telephone and Voicemail

GW extensions can be dialed by using the last 5 numbers, so when calling (202) 994-1000 from a GW phone, one only needs to dial 4-1000.

When making a local call from a desk phone, dial “8” for an outside line.

To make long-distance telephone calls from your office telephone, you will need to enter a long-distance authorization code. Managers can request a long-distance code by contacting GW IT.

Complete instructions for the GW telephone system, including information on setting up voicemail, making conference calls, and eFax can be viewed on the GW IT website.

Request IT Assistance

Should you need assistance with networking or staff computing equipment, you can contact GW IT.

Business Cards

You may order business cards through the purchase and request form.

Name Plate

To replace the name plate of an office or number sign, download the template and print your name plate. You can slide this under the plastic holder in the office or room number sign.

MyGW Staff Directory

Employees must update their own campus address and phone number in the GWeb Info System:

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to Personal Information Menu.
  3. Navigate to Update Address(es) and Phone(s).
  4. Under Campus Office click on Current.
  5. Enter/edit your campus address and phone number.
  6. Click Submit.

Directory titles are controlled by official university title with HR. (And can’t be changed.)

Name Tags

Each GWLAI staff member should have an official, gold, metal, printed name tag to wear at public events and at town hall meetings. Your manager should request this through the onboarding form. If you do not have a name tag, email Robin Delaloye, associate dean of student success and communications, with your preferred first and last name to order your name tag.

Email Groups (gwlibai-Everyone) and Weekly E-Newsletter

If your manager has not already requested you be added to these lists or others specific to your department, you can email [email protected]. You can email [email protected] if you would like to email all GWLAI staff. 

Each week a newsletter is emailed to all staff. Everyone is invited to submit brief updates on projects, new collaborations, upcoming events, staff changes and anything new or noteworthy. These items should be no more than 2-3 sentences and should be submitted exactly as you wish them to appear. Please email your submissions to Tyler Cundiff no later than Fridays at 10am for that week's newsletter.

Access to Edit

If you are identified as somebody who needs to make updates or edits to the website, your manager should email [email protected] to request you be provided edit rights. You should also email [email protected] to schedule training with someone from the web team. The web team also holds workshops on editing the website, which you can always attend for a refresher.

Kronos (Time Reporting System) Access

GW uses Kronos to keep track of employee hours for payroll.

If you are going to be a Timekeeper, responsible for the management of employee hours in your department, complete the Time Reporting System (TRS) Access/Changes Request Form (scroll to bottom of page to header Time Reporting). Submit to Regina Mays for signature.

Instructions for Time Entry and How to Review your Timecard are available on the Payroll Services website.

Corporate Credit Card (P-Card)

The GW P-Card is a corporate credit card that can be used to make purchases necessary to conduct university business. Complete the P-Card Enrollment Agreement Form and submit to Regina Mays, finance director, for signature.

All P-Card holders must complete the online P-Card Training before their card will be issued.

Orders and Purchasing

Orders and purchases, including equipment, software, temporary hires, and publications, need to be approved by your supervisor and unit director. To submit a request, follow the instructions for the purchase and request form.

If you cannot access the form from the Team Sites SharePoint portal, email GW IT to request access.

Performance Management

Familiarize yourself with the university’s performance management process. You should also follow the steps outlined for performance management during the Introductory Employment Period.

Remote System Access (VPN)

In order to access the network from off-campus, please download Cisco AnyConnect, the university's Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, and enter in your GW UserID and corresponding password. Once you have logged in, please select to download the appropriate client. Instructions on how to set-up the VPN client on different platforms can be found online.

The VPN allows remote access to many university systems and resources that are otherwise protected from off-campus access. It does this by creating a "virtual" encrypted channel from your remote location back to GW's network.

Google Calendar

GWLAI uses the university’s Google calendar system to schedule meetings and book meeting rooms in Gelman. Instructions for using google calendar can be found online.

Booking Meeting Rooms in Gelman Library

Staff can reserve conference and meeting rooms using their Google calendar. Read instructions.

Office Supplies

The Financial Operations and Administration team is responsible for ensuring office supplies are available in Gelman Library. To request office supplies from the central supply room, submit the purchase and request form and the Finance team will let you know when your items ready for pick-up.

If you cannot access the form from the Team Sites SharePoint portal, email GW IT to request access.


GWLAI uses Slack for communication within the organization, especially for communication related to various on-going projects. Once you join the GWLAI Slack team, you can peruse various channels that may be relevant to you. The #general channel is for any staff member, while #random is where “water cooler” conversation happens. Many other project channels are public and anyone can join.


Trello is a project management application available to all LAI staff. Many project teams use Trello to organize their current work and prioritize upcoming work. You can join the GWLAI team account.


WebEx is a collaborative meeting tool that allows for real-time video meetings and sharing computer content over the web. WebEx is available for all GW faculty and staff. To begin using your WebEx account, login to with your GW UserID and corresponding password.

Access to the Staff Lounge

If your manager has not already requested access for you, you can submit a ticket to Library Building Operations or email [email protected] to request access. You will need to provide your GWid.

Access to Shared Box Folders

If your manager has not already requested access for you, you can contact GW IT to request access. You may need to provide your UserID and the team you're on.

Commonly-Used GW Acronyms

You can reference this list of commonly-used GW acronyms if you see or hear other employees using an acronym you may not be familiar with.