Library Information

The goal of this site is to provide an online, extensible staff resource that contains reliable, up to date, authoritative documentation and forms to assist Libraries staff in conducting their day to day activities. This resource is intended to replace much of the routine administrative content currently on the K: drive. It is also intended to replace the multitude of local version of forms and other materials that staff members have downloaded to their own computers as convenience copies.

We hope you find this a useful tool and one that makes your work life easier. These pages are just scaffolding on which to place additional resources that staff indicate they need.

To let the GWLAI web team know if new resources should be added, email [email protected].

Cataloging Projects

Propose a cataloging project 

Damaged Book Process

Policies for damaged books and processing form (PDF)

Faculty Publishing Alerts

Instructions for setting up Google Scholar Faculty Publishing Alerts:

Penn Libraries Google Scholar Alerts

*Note: The "author profile page" that is referred to is explained in another tab of the same guide.

Instructions for setting up Web of Science Faculty Publishing Alerts:

  1. Sign in to Web of Science. If you do not have an account, please create one.
  2. Click on Search to go to Basic Search
  3. Select Author Search from drop-down menu on the right
  4. In search box, enter author’s last name and first name (or initial)
  5. Click Select Research Domain and select relevant research domain(s)
  6. Click Select Organization and select relevant institution(s)
  7. Click Finish Search
  8. Under Results on left, top part of page, click Create Alert
  9. Create a Search History Name (ex: the author’s name)
  10. Make sure E-mail Alerts is checked; you can change Frequency of alerts to be Weekly or Monthly
  11. Click Save