Improving Learning with Academic Technology

If you’ve ever been in a situation in which you understood the concepts during class and then felt clueless at home, you can appreciate the importance of being able to review or replay a class session with tools like lecture capture and whiteboard presentation. These are just a few of the tools offered in GW classrooms to meet student needs and enhance learning.

Whether online or on campus, GW Libraries and Academic Innovation (GWLAI) offers a modern learning environment with the right technology to engage students. Supporting over 200 technology-enhanced classrooms and labs, GWLAI identifies, develops, implements and supports a variety of innovative technology to enrich the academic experience.

A professor using a wireless presentation screen in instruction.

Wireless Presentation

Wireless presentation allows users to present content on an interactive display directly from their devices. This inclusive screen sharing tool increases collaboration and engagement in the classroom.

A professor using video conferencing to remotely lecture for a class.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing enables instructors to teach from anywhere and invite remote guest lecturers into the classroom. Cameras installed in the rooms provide views of both the instructor and students to the remote audience.

Video recording equipment filming an ongoing lecture.

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture records a class session, allowing students to replay discussion of important theories or concepts. This is especially helpful for students from a non-English speaking background and helps students in the case of unavoidable absence.

A laptop demonstrating a program that automatically copies the content of a written whiteboard onto a digital interface.

Whiteboard Presentation

Whiteboard presentation displays content handwritten on the whiteboard on personal devices, eliminating the need for students to take photos of the whiteboard and allowing for a more interactive learning experience.

Wireless presentation, video conferencing, and lecture capture images from Jessica McConnell Burt/the George Washington University. Whiteboard presentation image from William Atkins/the George Washington University.