GW Wireless Troubleshooting

Self help: Troubleshooting GW wireless network issues

Follow this short list of troubleshooting tips to get your device re-connected if you experience issues connecting to GW wireless networks:

  1. Confirm that your issue is not website-specific by opening another web page.
  2. Try using another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).
  3. If you're already connected to a network but aren't able to open webpages on the internet, try disconnecting from the network and reestablishing your connection.
  4. Toggle airplane (flight) mode on and off. This step is similar to Step 3, but disables all wireless connections briefly before reconnecting.
  5. Try switching to another network. If you aren't able to establish a connection on GWireless, try connecting to the Eduroam network instead.
  6. Try restarting your computer or device.

Escalating issues to GWIT

If you remain unable to connect to the network, or if you believe your issues are isolated to a specific location, please contact GWIT ([email protected]) with the following information included in your email:

  • Brief description of the connectivity issue.
    • Ex. Unable to connect to WiFi networks after disconnecting from docking station.
  • Operating System you are using (Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOS).
  • Location(s) and estimated time(s) of where and when the issue occurred.
  • How long you have experienced the issue.