Global Resources Center

The Global Resources Center (GRC) is responsible for supporting research and teaching focusing on internationally focused programs, courses and initiatives across the University with strong services and interdisciplinary collections focusing on contemporary China and Japan within a broader Asian context; Russia, Eurasia, Eastern and Central Europe (REECE), and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).  

Major duties of the GRC team:

  • Sustained outreach to the GW academic community, including departments, programs, graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, visiting researchers and scholars, as well as researchers and analysts from the broader DC and international communities.
  • Ongoing collaborations with student groups and university administrative units, including foreign service fraternities and sororities and the International Services Office.
  • Developing and maintaining a strong program of orientations, workshops, in-class instruction for area-specific and interdisciplinary courses that incorporate countries and regions of the world.
  • Developing sustained partnerships with faculty to help shape research support services and guide the acquisition of highly curated collections of specialized print and digital content molded to mirror GW’s global focus as defined by its schools, academic departments and area-focused programs.
  • Applying subject, content, cultural and language expertise to evaluating specialized resources from key regions of the world for relevance to GW’s academic mission. The effort requires focused monitoring of current events, analysis of the underlying social, cultural, economic, political and related currents, and ongoing projections about future directions. Through this effort, the collections as they are developed over time closely chronicle key threads running through the historical record helping to shape a rich and complex research resource.
  • Providing reference assistance and in-depth research consultations to students, faculty, and visiting scholars on a wide range of subjects and offering guidance on the use of electronic tools originating in a variety of countries and in a variety of languages.
  • Active engagement within the broader GWLAI to further GWLAI strategic initiatives and common goals, including those related to scholarly communication, collection development, content management, English for academic purposes, exhibits, outreach and promotion.
  • Collaborating with Development on initiatives in support of GRC and broader GWLAI goals.
  • Building a rich array of electronic, digital and print content in languages taught at GW that directly supports research, coursework and teaching at the University.
  • Providing support for collections' acquisitions and processing of materials acquired outside North America and Western Europe that are in non-Roman scripts

For more information about this team, please contact Cathy Zeljak, director of the Global Resources Center.