Gift Book Procedures and Resources

The information below pertains to books suited to the general collections of the GW Libraries. Inquiries regarding specialized and rare materials should be directed to staff in the Special Collections Research Center.

When an individual contacts the GW Libraries regarding the possible donation of books, s/he should be directed to the relevant collections development librarian.

Our general policy is to decline materials for the circulating collections. However, if a collections development librarian feels that an exception is warranted, s/he should speak with her/his supervisor.

For materials that may have significant market value, an appraisal may be beneficial. Please consult the list of appraisers in the area. Please note that the cost of the appraisal would be the responsibility of the donor; we do not typically recommend this avenue unless the market value is estimated at $5,000 or more.

Accepted Materials

In all cases, it is preferable for the materials to be delivered to Gelman Library by the donor. If an exception is made, and transportation of the materials is necessary, there are two primary options:

Empty boxes may be located in basement storage; if none are available, boxes can be ordered through the standard supply ordering process of the GW Libraries. Expenses for either transportation or supplies would be billed to the department accepting the materials.

Upon receipt of books, collections development librarians should forward the following information to Rebecca Lee ([email protected]), Assistant Director of Development within 3 business days:

  • Name of donor
  • Mailing address of donor
  • Email and/or phone number of donor
  • List of books received
  • Copy of appraisal (if any)

This information is used for the creation of an Appendix A. When routed through the university, the Appendix A triggers the thank-you process. This is necessary for all donations of materials.

Accepted books should be sent to the Resource Description Group for cataloging, with a note indicating the name of the donor.

List of local appraisers (Word doc)

Response to inquiry accepting book donation (Word doc)

Reponse to inquiry declining book donation (Word doc)