General Student Employee Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to inform GWLAI student employees of the general expectations for all GWLAI student employees and to provide guidance on resources and references that will be useful to GWLAI student employees. This document serves as a set of unifying expectations shared across the organization as a whole. Supplemental documents for student employees working in customer-facing roles, as well as for specific divisions within GWLAI, will be presented separately.


  1. Be clocked-in and prepared to work when your shift is scheduled to begin. Your supervisor will provide specific guidance on how to best prepare and demonstrate that you are ready to work.
  2. GWLAI seeks to serve our community to the best of our abilities, and your duties are assigned to achieve that goal. You are expected to perform your assigned duties and to communicate any difficulties to your supervisor.

Code of Conduct

  1. You must be professional and follow the work behavior guidelines.
  2. Respectful treatment of students, patrons, and coworkers is essential, and sensitivity to their individual circumstances is often necessary. Preventing difficulties is preferable to solving problems after they occur.
  3. Violent behavior on the part of the staff, such as fighting or disorderly conduct, is never acceptable and should be reported to supervisory staff immediately. This behavior is grounds for immediate termination.
    1. For more information on this, refer to the university’s policy about preventing sexual harassment, violence, and threats in the workplace.
  4. If you have reason to believe that your own safety or the safety of others is threatened, report the situation immediately to a supervisor and the University Police Department.
  5. Some departments have a silent alarm button; please consult with your supervisor to determine whether you have one.

Attendance and Tardiness

  1. Tardiness and unexcused absences are not acceptable.
    1. Unexcused absences may be grounds for a loss in hours or termination from your position.
  2. If you cannot avoid being late or missing a shift for an emergency, you must notify your supervisor as soon as possible.
  3. Shift switching and other arrangements to cover pre-scheduled work shifts must be approved by your supervisor.
    1. Remember that finding a replacement for shifts you cannot work is your responsibility, not your supervisor’s and that you must alert your supervisor before a switch takes place.
  4. Time-off requests should be submitted as soon as possible. The approval process for these requests will be addressed by your supervisor.

Use of GWLAI Resources

  1. Phones are for Time Reporting System (TRS) use, university-related business, and emergencies only.
    1. When transferring a call to another department, stay on the line until the department you are calling picks up. Tell them you are transferring a call to them.
    2. Directions regarding how to transfer a call are by the telephone.
  2. Do not play computer games, watch recreational videos, check social media, or view any material that may be thought of as offensive.
    1. Make sure you are aware of and follow the GW University code of conduct for computer usage. You can view the Acceptable Use for Computing Systems and Services Policy. Please do not use your LAI work time to complete schoolwork or personal projects.

Dress Code

  1. If you are provided a uniform by your supervisor, you are expected to wear your uniform at every shift.
  2. If you are not provided a uniform, speak with your supervisor regarding dress expectations.
  3. Your appearance should always be neat, clean, and appropriate for a university setting.

Customer Service

  1. Even though not all positions require direct interaction with patrons every day, a basic level of customer service is required from all GWLAI employees.
  2. All student staff are required to be attentive, friendly, and helpful in the presence of patrons, whether that is over the phone, by email, or in person.


  1. When leaving your position, you are asked to provide a written resignation statement addressed (by email) to your supervisor. The statement should include the effective date and the reason for resignation. You are expected to notify your supervisor at least two weeks before your departure date, if possible.

Information Requests

  1. If someone from the media (including GW Today and the Hatchet) asks you to speak about your experience as an employee of GWLAI, you should direct them to our Director of Communication, Robin Delaloye ([email protected], 202-994-6790). You are not authorized to speak on behalf of GWLAI. You may speak to the media regarding your general experiences as a student at GW, but not while on the clock at LAI and not while wearing your LAI uniform.
  2. In an emergency, follow all directions from law enforcement/emergency personnel. If someone from law enforcement or a government agency requests information, like patron records or information about a specific student, direct them to your supervisor.

References and Resources

  1. In the case of an emergency, or if you feel that you are in an unsafe situation and need assistance, contact GW Emergency Services (202-994-6111) and/or 911 immediately.
  2. Time Reporting Instructions
  3. Payroll Calendar
  4. University Human Resources
  5. Student Employee Handbook
  6. Center for Career Services

Important Human Resource Policies