Gelman Library Building Spaces



External Guest Visitation

If you have guests attending meetings at Gelman Library, please email Entrance Services with the names of the guests and time of their arrival. You can let the guests know they will be expected to show identification. You may want to meet them at the entrance to provide assistance. Please note that entrance to Gelman Library and use of library resources and services are extended to users affiliated with university and library consortia, local residents associations, and other groups. You can review these entrance policies.

Meeting Rooms, Event Spaces, and Classrooms

Conference and Meeting Rooms

Research Assistance and Consultaton Spaces

Academic Event Spaces

Library Instruction Classrooms


Note that these spaces are reservable only through Academic Scheduling

Gelman Classroom and Conference Room Extensions

  • Room 104A: 202-994-6304
  • Room 106: 202-994-9322
  • Room 300: 202-994-0633
  • Room 301: 202-994-7246
  • Room 302: 202-994-7147
  • Room 502: 202-994-3343
  • Room 605A: 202-994-4018
  • Room 606Q: 202-994-7790
  • Room 702 (IBT): 202-994-7444

Facilities and Maintenance

For any issues with the Gelman Library building and facilities:

Submit a ticket to Library Building Operations



Scheduling Rooms with Google Calendar

Staff can reserve conference and meeting rooms using their Google calendar.  

Adding rooms to your Google calendar

  1. Open your calendar and click the little carat to the right of "Other calendars". Select Browse Interesting Calendars.
  2. Choose the More tab and then select Resources for
  3. Select FB
  4. Choose the building from the list and subscribe to rooms you want to see and book.

Scheduling a conference/meeting room

  1. Highlight the day and time you wish to schedule your meeting
  2. Enter a name for your meeting in the highlighted box
  3. Click Edit Event at the bottom of the dialog box. This will bring up a new page.
  4. Click the greyed out Rooms on the far right beside Guests.
  5. Buildings appear in the box below Rooms. Scroll to find your bulding and click the carat beside it to display all the available rooms at that day and time.
  6. Click the room you want to schedule.
  7. Click the red Save button at the top of the page to finish your reservation.

Please note: Some Gelman Library rooms have limited access for viewing and scheduling. If you are unable to add a calendar you believe should be accessible, please submit a support request to Library Information Technology or email​.

Keys and Staff Access to Locked Gelman Spaces

Access for Meetings and Events

If you have reserved room 502 during business hours, sign out the key from the desk in Suite 606. If it is before or after business hours, suite 606 is locked. You may check out the key from the Entrance Services Desk.

Classrooms 300, 301, and 302 require a code for entrance.

Room 702 (International Brotherhood of Teamsters Room) is both locked and alarmed except during business hours. Please arrange for access and disabling the alarm with the person who schedules your event (Robin Delaloye or a Special Collections staff member).

Access for Offices

If you are a new employee or need a personal key to your own office space please contact Entrance Services.

Gelman Mail Handling

The Gelman Library loading dock is located at 2130 H Street, NW, Room 103-A. Its primary purpose is to receive and ship library mail, materials and related equipment. It is also the main entry point for most Facilities Services units and other units that support and maintain general library operations. The following information describes current mail handling procedures. 

  • All regular USPS mail received at the Gelman Library loading dock is sorted and distributed at least once per day, Monday through Friday, to a designated centralized "in-box" in a location identified by each department in the Library (see lists below).
  • Items delivered by FedEx, UPS, and other private courier services are delivered as they arrive.
  • Couriers from WRLC, Iron Mountain, WEPA, and other library affiliates pick up and deliver items on a pre-arranged schedule and coordinate deliveries or pick-ups directly with the associated department(s).
  • Outgoing library mail is picked up at the same time regular mail is delivered to a department’s designated in-box, if placed in an adjacent designated "out-box."
  • When operationally necessary, both library and non-library departments will be contacted by loading dock staff to retrieve mail or special deliveries.
  • When pre-arranged or otherwise unique deliveries or shipments require special handling, or are expected to block the usage of the loading dock by others for long periods of time, departments should notify loading dock staff in well in advance to schedule those activities or to make appropriate adjustments.

Designated Gelman Library Mail Delivery & Pick-Up Locations

  • Lower Level: Public Services Coordinator's office in B01-A
  • First Floor: Library Ops in 102, Collections Management in 104, Gifts Processing in 107
  • Second Floor: Circulation in 225, Access Services in 220
  • Third Floor: Research & User Services in 303
  • Sixth Floor: Finance, Development, and Communications in 602; Human Resources in 606; LIT in 607
  • Seventh Floor: Special Collections in 704, GRC in 708

Locations of Non-Library Departments in Gelman Library

Note: Other buildings have separate mail systems in place.