Expense Reporting, P-Card, and iBuy


Expenses should be submitted weekly or at minimum monthly or when the expense was incurred or paid through the GW Expense Reporting System. Failure to submit business expenses within sixty (60) days of the date such expenses were incurred or paid may result in the expenses being added to the GW employee’s taxable income and reported on the GW employee’s W-2 in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations. Consistent delays could also result in termination of the employee’s P-Card.

  • Although the P-Card policy states a receipt is not needed for expenses under $35, we will require an itemized receipt for all expenses. 
  • Meals, travel, entertainment and other business expenses, regardless of the amount, must be itemized and substantiated with appropriate explanation. 
  • Alcohol consumed in conjunction with official business meals should be separately allocated to 52611.
  • The P-Card may be used for purchases of items not available in iBuy.
  • Exceptions to the policy must be approved in advance by a Vice President, Dean, or Associate Vice President and  attached to the transaction when submitted for approval.
  • The P-Card should not be used for personal purchases. 
  • Personal expenses should not be submitted for reimbursement.

Thank you for working with us in making GW Libraries and Academic Innovation a strong financial unit to the university. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Regina Mays ([email protected] or ext. 4-1319).

GW Procurement Card Policy

GW Travel, Entertainment and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy


The university's iBuy+ system provides an efficient and user-friendly one-stop shop for ordering GW's most commonly purchased products, travel booking, P-Card allocation and employee reimbursement. For questions on Expense Reporting, please contact the iBuy Help Desk at 571-553-4477.

The Missing Receipt Acknowledgement and Approval form can be found on the iBuy website.

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