Eckles 309 Classroom

Room: 309
Chairs: 20 (movable)
Tables: 5 (moveable)
Capacity: 20
Entrance(s): 2
Room Style: classroom


  • 1 Instructor Station PC
  • 1 LCD Flat Panel Display
  • 1 Laptop Display Connection
  • Presentation Audio System
  • DVD Capability
  • 2 Whiteboards

Reservable by: This classroom can only be used when the Eckles Library is open. During the academic year this classroom is primarily used for instruction purposes between 12:00pm and 6:00pm on weekdays. Students may use this space for study when it’s not booked for class or events.

Reservable through: MV-Eckles-309 Google Calendar (instructions)

  Tables and chairs from instructors view of Eckles 309  Student view of Eckles 309