Council of Librarians

Librarian Code

The Librarian Code (PDF) explains the governance structure for the librarians of the GW Libraries of the George Washington University, which recognizes librarian participation in, and contribution to, the university's educational mission. GW Libraries strives to recruit, develop, and retain an active professional library staff who can support the functions of a major teaching and research institution. To that end, GW Libraries rewards continuous learning, scholarship, and professional achievement. All librarians must participate in activities, both formal and informal, that enhance their work and advance their professional growth.

Council of Librarians By-Laws/Rules of Procedure

The Librarian Bylaws (PDF) contains rules regarding the membership, officers, meetings, and committees for the Council of Librarians. 

2017-2018 Council of Librarian Officers

Chair: Tolonda Henderson
Vice-Chair: Rachel Trent (Chair 2018-2019)
Parliamentarian: Dolsy Smith
Secretary: David Lemmons

2016-2017 Council of Librarian Committees

Code & By-Laws Committee

Shira Eller (2016-2018)
Tina Plottel (2016-2018)
Debbie Bezanson (2017-2019)
Ann Brown (2017-2019)

Librarian Review and Development Committee 

Jennifer King (2016-2018)
David Ettinger (2016-2018)
Dorinne Banks (2017-2019)
Justin Littman (2017-2019)
Leah Richardson (2017-2019)
Jean Pec - Alternate (2017-2018)

Grievance Committee

Liz Harter (2016-2018)
Shmuel Ben-Gad (2017-2019)
Yan He (2017-2019)
Dan Kerchner - Alternate (2017-2018)