Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research

The Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research (CUFR) provides GW undergraduates and alumni with guidance and support as they pursue undergraduate research and national fellowship opportunities. Learning about and applying for undergraduate fellowships and research awards can be richly rewarding in its own right, as students are asked to reflect upon their academic pursuits and extracurricular activities.  Thus, CUFR supports GWLAI's mission of enhancing the educational experience of students.

Major duties of the CUFR team:

  • Promote undergraduate research activity, including advising and mentoring students who are seeking faculty-mentored research opportunities.
  • Support the efforts of colleges, schools, and departments to engage their students in faculty-mentored research.
  • Enhance the visibility of undergraduate research through celebrating that work through GW Research Days and other symposia.
  • Administer GW's undergraduate research fellowship programs.
  • Support the development of faculty as excellent mentors of undergraduate students.
  • Identify and publicize research and fellowship opportunities for undergraduates students and alumni.
  • Recruit, advise, and mentor students who are applying for nationally competitive fellowship programs, including Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Churchill, Fulbright, Carnegie, Truman, Goldwater, Udall, Luce, and Boren.
  • Organize and conduct nomination process for those fellowship programs requiring university endorsement.
  • Administer GW's endowed fellowship programs.

For more information about CUFR and its work, please contact Paul Hoyt-O'Connor, director of CUFR.