Bringing Students and Alumni Together to Prepare for Success

Student using a whiteboard to demonstrate a skill to other cohort members.

The collaborative nature of the Let's GRE Together cohort encourages attendees to demonstrate applicable skills to their peers.

(photo: Sydney Elle Gray/the George Washington University)

Ethan Terrill, M.A. ‘18, has taken the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) before, but he didn’t receive the score he’d hoped for. When he heard about the Let’s GRE Together cohort forming in Academic Commons over the summer, he saw it as a second chance for success.

Let’s GRE Together is a self-directed group of GW students and alumni all studying for the GRE, an exam required for entrance to thousands of graduate and business schools. The program was a response to strong feedback from students that they needed affordable resources and assistance to prepare for this next stage in their academic life.

“I appreciate the opportunity to practice problems in a collaborative setting,” Ethan said. “Not only does it provide an extra incentive to keep up with my GRE study routine, but it also provides an avenue to ask further questions, seek additional assistance, and sympathize with fellow test-takers.” 

Student writing on her computer at a Let's GRE Together practice session.

Members of the Let’s GRE Together cohort are advised to attend practice sessions on quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and analytical writing.

(photo: Sydney Elle Gray/the George Washington University)

Academic Commons staff members devised a suggested study plan and led specific practice sessions. Sets of practice flashcards, as well as GRE preparation books, are available at the Check Out Desk for students to study with between sessions. Proctored practice exams help participants familiarize themselves with the test and customize their personal study plans.
Some students credit the accountability factor for the program’s success. Carlos A. Miranda, B.A. ‘13, says, “the courses provide more structure to my studies and the accountability of other students makes [me] more disciplined.”
Fifty-nine people took part in the inaugural Let’s GRE Together cohort, focused on taking the test in September. Due to overwhelming demand, another cohort was formed to prepare for the November GRE.