Acquisitions Mail Handling

The Gelman Library loading dock is located at 2130 H Street, NW, Room 103-A. Its primary purpose is to receive and ship library mail, materials and related equipment. It is also the main entry point for most Facilities Services units and other GW University entities that support and maintain general library operations. The following information describes current mail handling procedures.

  • NoviTex (formerly Pitney-Bowes), a GW contractor based in the Support Building, may deliver mail to Content Management in 104, Circulation in 225, the Development Office in suite 602, and the University Professors in suite in 709.
  • Items being shipped by ILL are picked up from Resource Sharing by 9:30 a.m., packaged and labeled with appropriate postage, shipping documents, and/or U.S. Customs forms for shipment through USPS, UPS, FedEx, or other service.
  • Items received for ILL are opened, sorted, and delivered to Resource Sharing as they arrive.
  • Items received from Yankee Book Publishers (YPB) are unpacked, inspected to confirm that invoices match contents, and then sorted and delivered to the Monograph Acquisitions unit.
  • When operationally necessary, both library and non-library departments will be contacted by loading dock staff to retrieve mail or special deliveries.
  • When pre-arranged or otherwise unique deliveries or shipments require special handling, or are expected to block the usage of the loading dock by others for long periods of time, departments should notify loading dock staff in well in advance to schedule those activities or to make appropriate adjustments.

Designated Gelman Library Mail Delivery & Pick-Up Locations

  • Lower Level: Public Services Coordinator's office in B01-A
  • First Floor: Library Ops in 102, Collections Management in 104, Gifts Processing in 107
  • Second Floor: Circulation in 225, Access Services in 220
  • Third Floor: Research & User Services in 303
  • Sixth Floor: Finance, Development, and Communications in 602; Human Resources in 606; LIT in 607
  • Seventh Floor: Special Collections in 704, GRC in 708

Locations of Non-LAI Departments in Gelman Library

Note: Other buildings have separate mail systems in place.