Access Services

Access Services staff serve as the public face of Gelman Library and their work shapes the perception most on-campus students have of their libraries. As the only 24/7 department in the GW Libraries & Academic Innovation, the department is responsible for keeping the building open to patrons and keeping those patrons and our collections safe. Even during adverse weather and other events that may close the university, Access Services staff are committed to keeping Gelman Library open and operating. Access Services staff members aim to provide excellent customer service to the GW community and its affiliates. Three of four of the services we provide happen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Access Services Department manages four major functions of the Gelman Library: Circulation Services, Resource Sharing, Entrance Services, and Shelving.

  • Resource Sharing is responsible for processing materials faculty reserve for their courses, as well as consortium and interlibrary loan items. Resource Sharing ensures patrons have access to print and electronic materials, posting links for Blackboard courses and retrieving books for faculty and graduate students.
  • Entrance Services is the first point of contact for all patrons and visitors to the Gelman Library. Entrance Services manages visitor sign-ins, as well as the building Lost and Found and most keyed access to the building.
  • The Circulation Services Desk is responsible for maintaining a high level of customer service, checking in and out circulating materials and collecting and assessing fines on customer accounts.
  • The Shelving function of the department is shared among all staff and is fielded through the Check Out desk, where staff prepare carts with materials to be re-shelved In the stacks areas.

For more information about this team, please contact Jennifer Wesson, head of access services.