About STEMworks

STEMworks is the place to build your skills for research and discovery. Looking to learn coding and help your resume stand-out to employers? Eager to boost your academic performance? Maybe you want to complete a passion project or hangout with like-minded students interested in the latest scientific and technological developments. If so, STEMworks is the place for you. We are GW’s one-stop shop for quantitative and spatial reasoning skills, offering workshops, tutoring services, and consultations to GW faculty and students.

Our services are open to everyone, including all students in all majors.

Visit us today at Gelman Library, Room 201, just to the left of the main entrance.

Contact info: [email protected]

When available, STEMworks can be booked by students or faculty groups for meetings and workshops. We request that all groups booking the space have a purpose that aligns with our mission to promote quantitative and spatial reasoning skills on campus.

Follow us on twitter @stemworksgw to get the latest updates to our workshop and tutoring schedules.

Usage Statistics

During the fall 2017 semester a total of 538 students made 943 tutoring requests provided by 31 tutors. A pie chart showing the most popular course subjects, with ECON courses being the most popular.

A bar chart showing the most requested courses of the fall 2017 semester. The most popular course was ECON 1011 with 86 unique students and 168 total requests.