710 Academic Event Space

The I. Edward Kiev Room holds GW’s rare Judaica and Hebraica collection, which was donated by the Kiev family. The Collection is non-circulating and is considered part of Special Collections and Archives, and is managed by Special Collections Research Center staff.

The Kiev room is a donor space, meaning that use of the room must comply with specific donor wishes as documented in a formal memorandum of understanding.

The Kiev collection is on browseable open shelves in room 710. When the room is not in use, it is locked, for security reasons.  

The priority use of the Kiev room is for teaching and research related to the Kiev and other library collections. It is not available as a general study space.

The Kiev room is also available to GWLAI staff and to GW faculty for academic events and other meetings. The room may be scheduled Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. when not needed for classes or research. To reserve the Kiev room contact [email protected]. The Kiev room is also available as a filming location.

The Kiev Collection room is not equipped with technology and is only appropriate for meetings or events that do not require microphones, projection, or a conference phone. The room capacity is around 15.

When the room is in use, students or other library users who wish to browse the shelves should be directed to the Special Collections Research Center. If it is not possible to wait for an event in the space to end, a library staff member may need to enter the room to retrieve a requested item for a researcher. Special Collections personnel strive to keep these interruptions brief and unobtrusive.

Faculty and GWLAI staff who have reserved the room should go to the reference desk in the Special Collections Research Center (directly in front when exiting the elevators on the 7th floor) and sign out a key. When the event has concluded, please immediately return the key.  

  • No food or drink is allowed in the Kiev Room. This includes bottled water. The room cannot be left unlocked or unattended.
  • Do not move or handle any library equipment or materials in the room (books, papers, etc). A staff member from the reference desk in the Special Collections Research Center can move materials, if necessary.
  • Please return all furniture to its original positions.