702 Academic Event Space (International Brotherhood of Teamsters Room)

Room Number: 702
Chairs: 70 lecture chairs and 16 wooden chairs
Capacity: 80
Telephone Extension: 202-994-7444
Entrance(s): 3
Room Style: seminar/conference


  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Podium Computer
  • Podium Microphone
  • DVD Player
  • Conference Phone
  • 1 Wireless Handheld Microphone
  • 1 Wireless Lavaliere Microphone
  • 1 Press Box
  • 4 Wireless Table Microphones

Additional Features

  • Phone Jack
  • Available outlets along walls, in floor, and built into furniture
  • 1 large wooden table (not moveable by library staff), 3 additional tables available with advance notice

Reservable by: Room 702 is reservable only by selected library staff members. If you would like to schedule an event in 702, please contact Robin Delaloye ([email protected]).

Gelman Library International Brotherhood of Teamsters room 702 view from right back corner

Gelman Library International Brotherhood of Teamsters room 702 view of the front

 Gelman Library International Brotherhood of Teamsters room 702 view towards front

Room 702 (International Brotherhood of Teamsters Room) FAQs

Thank you for reserving the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Labor History Research Center (IBT Room) for your event. The IBT Room is located on the 7th floor of Gelman Library in Room 702. 

What furniture is available for use in the IBT Room?

The IBT Room has 70 lecture chairs, 16 wooden chairs, one podium, and up to four large wooden tables. The default setup is one table up front beside the podium, two tables in the back and 30 lecture chairs facing front. If you need the room’s setup altered, the change must be requested to Robin Delaloye at least two weeks in advance. To avoid injury, no one but GW Facilities can move the wooden tables in the room. Only chairs can be moved on the day of the event. A coat rack is also available in the IBT Room.

What technology and equipment are available for use in the IBT Room?

The IBT Room has a projector, screen, podium computer, podium microphone, a DVD player, a telephone (with speakerphone capabilities), a wireless handheld microphone, a wireless lavaliere microphone, a press box, and four wireless table microphones. Speakers may easily bring presentations on thumb drives or access them through email. If a presenter would like to bring a Mac, he or she must be sure to bring his or her own adapter. Please note that the podium computer will time out and lock after about 20 minutes. If you require use of any of this technology, please let Robin Delaloye know.

Is an internet connection available for guests?

Guests temporarily visiting the university now have the ability to self-register for an account to access GW's secure wireless network, which grants Internet access for 48 hours. Guests can use their mobile device or laptop to connect to the GWconnect wireless network and will be prompted to register for an account. Upon registering for an account, guests will receive an SMS text or email with account credentials. For questions or to report any problems, please contact the Division of Information Technology at 202-994-GWIT (4948), [email protected] or IT.GWU.EDU. Additional technology assistance is available at Tech Commons located in the Lower Level of Gelman Library.

Can I host a reception or bring food and drinks into the IBT Room?

No food or drink is allowed inside the IBT Room. The exception is bottled water for speakers and presenters. Casual refreshments for a standing reception may be served outside the IBT Room in the 7th floor hallway. We will be happy to provide additional serving tables and trash cans. No alcohol may be served without prior approval from the libraries and the presence of a UPD officer. Please note that the 7th floor hallway is open, and library patrons may walk through your reception to access library service areas.

How many guests can the IBT room hold?

The IBT Room is designated for a maximum of 80 guests seated. 

How can I promote my event in the IBT Room?

In your event’s promotional materials, please list the room as "The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Labor History Research Center." You may also want to use Gelman Library, Room 702. Please forward a copy of any posters or flyers to Robin Delaloye so that we may share them with the Teamsters organization.

How do my guests and I gain access to the IBT Room?

If guests for the event are outside or non-GW visitors, please notify Robin Delaloye in advance and email a list of the names of your guests as well as other relevant details of their visit. Guests should plan to show photo ID to gain entrance to Gelman Library.

More information or additional questions

Robin Delaloye

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 202-577-6255