300 Classroom

Room: 300 
Chairs: 35 (movable)
Capacity: 35
Entrance(s): 1
Telephone Extension: 202-994-0633
Room Style: classroom


  • 1 Instructor Station PC
  • 1 Smart board
  • 2 White Boards
  • 25 Student Computers
  • Speaker Phone
  • VHS/DVD Player

Additional Features

  • Fixed Conference Style Table (with electrical outlets)
  • Fixed Computer Stations
  • Phone Jack
  • Conference Phone

Reservable by: During the academic year this classroom is reserved for instruction purposes between 8am-10pm on Monday-Friday. This room is reservable by any GW Libraries staff member at other times, but meetings may be bumped if the room is required for instruction. The librarian will contact you directly if a conflict does occur.

Reservable through: FB-Gelman-300 Google Calendar (instructions)