300 Classroom

Room: 300 
Chairs: 35 (movable)
Capacity: 35
Entrance(s): 1
Telephone Extension: 202-994-0633
Room Style: classroom


  • 1 Instructor Station PC
  • 1 Smart board
  • 2 White Boards
  • 25 Student Computers
  • Speaker Phone
  • VHS/DVD Player

Additional Features

  • Fixed Conference Style Table (with electrical outlets)
  • Fixed Computer Stations
  • Phone Jack
  • Conference Phone

Reservable by: During the academic year this classroom is primarily used for instruction purposes between 8am-10pm on Monday-Friday. Students may use this space for study when its not booked for class or events. The schedule is displayed on a tablet at the door to indicate if the space is available.

Reservable through: FB-Gelman-300 Google Calendar (instructions)