219 Study Room

Room Number: 219
Chairs: 24 (moveable, 12 more may be added)
Tables: 12
Capacity: 36 Seated, 50 Standing
Entrance(s): 2
Room Style: conference


  • LCD Screen (with HDMI and VGA adapters)

Reservable by: Room 219 is not available for internal meetings. It is available for open study when not reserved. Room 219 is reservable only by select staff members. 

Gelman Library Academic Event Space and Study Room 219

Room 219 FAQ

What furniture is available?

There are 12 tables and 24 chairs. 

12 more chairs can be added, please make this request at least 2 days in advance. 

The room will not be set up for you, but you may rearrange the furniture however you would like, you must reset it to the resting state of 6 pods of two tables with 4 chairs each.

What technology is in the room?

  • This is a bring your own device room.
  • There is no first tier (i.e. immediate) technology support.
  • There is an LCD screen to which you can connect your own laptop.
  • You must connect your laptop while it is asleep or off. Then follow the directions posted above the LCD Control Panel to turn it on and off.
  • HDMI and VGA adapters are provided.
  • Mac adapters can be borrowed from the Check Out Desk.

Can I bring food and drink into 219?

  • You may bring food and drink into 219 based on the library’s snack policy.
  • Do not place any food or drink on the console under the LCD, due to the electronics housed therein.
  • You must clean up the tables after your event, please bring wipes, etc., to do so.
  • If you need trash cans in the room, please request them at least two days in advance. Otherwise, the closest trash can is outside the room.